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Dealing with Child Custody When Neither Parent Has the Child

Most child custody disputes are between the child’s parents and occur in divorce or civil custody proceedings between the child’s parents.  However, at times the child may be under the care of a relative or other person or may need to be under the care of somebody other than the parent.  Although at times the… Read More »

What to Do if you are the Victim of Unfair Business Practices

Companies can take unfair advantage of competitors through price fixing or other illegal pricing activities, even creating monopolies. These actions represent crimes under anti-trust laws, and violators can be subject to severe penalties. But as a consumer, you can also experience unfair practices by businesses, which can involve anything such as selling used products as… Read More »

What is the Utah Division of Administrative Rules?

Rules encompass most aspects of daily life. Whether you want to drive a car, purchase land, build a home or start a business, you must comply with countless regulations to achieve success in your pursuit. These rules fall under the classification of administrative law. If you do not know how to proceed with an activity… Read More »

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you sprain a knee in a car accident, you most likely can file an auto insurance claim to pursue adequate compensation for your injuries and property damage, regardless of who is at fault. But many motor vehicle accidents caused by negligent drivers result in more severe injuries. And negligent individuals may carry little or… Read More »

Resolving a Contract Dispute

In a perfect world, you can resolve contract disagreements through simple negotiation with the opposing party. In reality, contract disputes often require intervention by a neutral third party. You may resolve your disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation or arbitration, but sometimes your case may require a full court hearing to… Read More »

The Basics of Commercial Law

From the time you start planning a new business and throughout every phase of the business cycle, you can face mountains of contracts with customers, vendors, lenders and employees. Commercial law includes creating legally-accepted contracts. But when conflicts arise that you cannot resolve informally, you may need the help of attorneys with experience in business… Read More »

How to Overcome a Title Defect in Salt Lake City

Whether you buy a new home or business property in Salt Lake City, the transaction represents a major cash outlay, which is why you need to conduct a thorough title search to help protect your rights to your investment. But many previously undiscovered issues can arise that may affect your title rights after you own… Read More »

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