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Marital Property and Estates in Utah

Pursuing fair property division plans for our clients

Equitable division of property is often the most complex aspect of a Utah divorce. At Hanks & Peterson, P.C., we understand the law of equitable distribution in Utah. And during our collective decades of experience in family law, we have seen how these laws play out in real life. We are not blindly aggressive in divorce negotiations but advise our clients when a settlement is appropriate and when litigation may be necessary.

Comprehensive representation for property division issues

Even in fairly straightforward property divisions, Utah family lawyers must account for several issues. Finances can be complex and even honest parties may not fully grasp the nature and amount of their assets. A Salt Lake City estate lawyer must make a thorough accounting of the marital and personal assets of both parties to conduct intelligent and informed negotiations.

It is nearly always better to resolve equitable distribution disputes through a negotiated settlement between the parties. This allows former spouses to tailor an arrangement that addresses both of their concerns and to keep the details of their married life and finances private. Negotiation may not always be possible, most often when the parties cannot agree on the identity or value of marital property or when one party attempts to conceal property from the other. When this occurs, it takes the skill and experience of a seasoned litigator to protect your rights and financial interests.

At Hanks & Peterson, P.C., our staff includes attorneys educated in business, experienced fraud litigators, and criminal attorneys. We understand how to find hidden assets and work diligently to help ensure our clients receive a full and fair accounting of marital and personal property in a divorce — along with accurate valuations of property and complex assets such as business interests.

Trustworthy, tenacious and respected Salt Lake City legal team

If you need an experienced attorney in Salt Lake City with divorce and property distribution experience, the lawyers of Hanks & Peterson, P.C. are here to help. We apply tenacity, judgment and high ethical standards to every area of our practice. If you are going through a legal dispute in your personal or business life or if you need legal counsel for an upcoming transaction or venture, Hanks & Peterson, P.C. offers an effective alternative to impersonal and expensive big firms. Call us today at 1-855-888-5608 or contact us online.

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