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Utah Wills and Trusts

Helping clients preserve wealth for the next generation

Planning for death or incapacity is something that few people want to think about. But it is an essential process that, if done correctly, can help ensure the people and causes important to you receive the most benefit of your estate. At Hanks & Peterson, P.C., our Salt Lake City wills lawyers have drafted numerous wills and other instruments for a wide variety of individuals. We listen to you and try to understand your goals, concerns and circumstances so that we can construct thorough and clear documents that serve your unique needs.

Why wills and trusts?

A comprehensive and unambiguous will should be the central component of any estate plan. This document establishes a clear plan for distributing your property after your death and designates a trusted individual — called an executor — for overseeing the probate process. Property distributed under a will must still go through the probate process and is still counted for estate tax purposes. But having a clear will can expedite the process and prevent family disputes.

Even though the will is an essential part of an estate plan, it may not be sufficient by itself for complex estate plans, or even simple estate plans under some circumstances. In some cases, one or more trusts may be necessary to facilitate the orderly transition of property. A trust is a legal entity where a responsible party — called a trustee — holds property for the benefit of a beneficiary. The trustee is legally obligated to manage that property in the best interests of the beneficiary.

Trusts can be created during life for other purposes but are often created in a will as part of an estate plan. Salt Lake City trust lawyers create trusts for a variety of purposes:

  • Avoiding probate
  • Making gifts to minors
  • Guaranteeing income to loved ones rather than a lump sum
  • Guaranteeing income to a disabled loved one without affecting Medicaid eligibility
  • Funding charitable pursuits
  • Controlling the use of a gift or bequest

Trustworthy, tenacious and respected wills lawyers in Salt Lake City

If you need a Salt Lake City wills lawyer or representation in any other legal matter, the attorneys of Hanks & Peterson, P.C. are here to help. We apply tenacity, judgment and high ethical standards to every area of our practice. If you are going through a legal dispute in your personal or business life or if you need legal counsel for an upcoming transaction or venture, Hanks & Peterson, P.C. offers an effective alternative to impersonal and expensive big firms. Call us today at 1-855-888-5608 or contact us online.

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