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Can a Minor Inherit My Property Through a Will in Utah?

Recognizing that minor children do not have sufficient maturity to make vital decisions regarding their daily lives or their property, Utah law requires the appointment of a custodian in the event a child loses both parents before reaching age 18. But while one individual may provide custodial care of one or more children, someone else may have responsibility over the financial accounts and other assets they inherit. An experienced wills lawyer in Salt Lake City ensures that your estate plan provides the appropriate protection your children need in the event of your death.

As explained in a Financial Fitness Fact Sheet provided by the Utah State University Extension, you need to name a personal guardian in your will, and that guardian must be approved by a court. But that guardian may not necessarily also represent the financial interests of your minor children. Provided you set up trusts for your children, you can name a trustee to handle any trust activities until your children reach the age required to inherit the trust. By providing trust information in your will, the inheritance should take place as you intend at the appropriate time.

Particularly if you have minor children, you need to enlist assistance from an experienced estate planning attorney who understands the requirements of Utah wills and trusts. You worked hard to accumulate the assets needed to protect your children. You need to develop a legally-recognized plan to ensure the courts honor your intentions in the event of your death.

Whether you have a basic family home and assets, or if you have a vast estate, the attorneys of Hanks & Peterson, P.C. are here to help ensure your family has appropriate protection. We offer an effective alternative to impersonal and expensive big firms.

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