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Can I Get My Spousal Support Order Modified?

Under Utah divorce law, spousal support (alimony) is not a certainty for either spouse. But when either party can prove a financial need or other justification at the time of the divorce process, the court can issue an alimony award based on a number of guidelines. The law generally provides one chance to set alimony payments. But in some situations, experienced Utah family lawyers can help a client obtain a modification to the original order.

According to the Utah Code, the courts base alimony on the needs of the recipient at the time of the divorce decree and cannot modify it or issue a new alimony order for the majority of circumstances. But the law does not strictly prohibit modification of alimony. Changes are permitted when the court finds extenuating circumstances that justify modification.

You probably should not expect success with obtaining spousal support modification just because your ex-spouse came into a financial windfall. But if you can show that sudden, unforeseen circumstances dramatically altered your ability to support yourself, the courts may grant a change to the original alimony order. Experienced divorce lawyers in Salt Lake City can help determine if you have grounds that potentially justify a modification of your alimony.

The attorneys of Hanks & Peterson, P.C. are here to help. We take a personalized approach to our client issues, and we apply judgment and high ethical standards to every area of our practice. If your circumstances justify a spousal support modification, we can guide you through the process. And, if necessary, we can use our experience to suggest other avenues to help you through a challenging time.

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