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Business and Commercial Litigation in Utah

Effectively resolving business disputes

Running a business without periodically getting involved in business disputes is nearly impossible. And while it is always prudent to take steps to avoid business disputes, what really matters is how you resolve them when they do occur. At Hanks & Peterson, P.C., our staff of Utah business attorneys includes lawyers with a strong background in business and accounting practices. We have a practical understanding of the issues that business owners face and make it our foremost goal to help you efficiently resolve a variety of disputes:

  • Sale or service contracts
  • Vendor or supplier agreements
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Partner or member disputes
  • Business sale or dissolution
  • Collections and debt negotiation
  • Bankruptcy

Protecting business rights and relationships

As a business owner, you know that relationships are of paramount importance and avoid burning bridges whenever possible. But you also know that having a reputation for shrewdness is just as important. The art that a Utah business attorney must master is protecting the contractual and proprietary rights of clients while protecting the opportunity for future business with the parties involved. Our Salt Lake City business attorneys use their negotiation and dispute resolution experience to help you reach a constructive resolution to business disputes while always maintaining a litigation posture.

Legal counsel for internal disputes

Not all business disputes come from without; many come from within. While businesses are single entities, their stakeholders, directors and officers are all individuals with unique concerns and motivations. This can create fertile ground for internal disputes. For businesses with multiple stakeholders, it is important to have easy access to reliable legal counsel regarding internal governance issues. At Hanks & Peterson, P.C., we have a thorough knowledge of Utah business law and how it impacts internal business relations. We help our clients resolve disputes — through litigation if necessary — so they can get back to business.

Trustworthy, tenacious and respected Utah business law attorneys

If you need a Salt Lake City business attorney or representation in any other legal matter, the attorneys of Hanks & Peterson, P.C. are here to help. We apply tenacity, judgment and high ethical standards to every area of our practice. If you are going through a legal dispute in your personal or business life or if you need legal counsel for an upcoming transaction or venture, Hanks & Peterson, P.C. offers an effective alternative to impersonal and expensive big firms. Call us today at 1-855-888-5608 or contact us online.

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