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Government & Administrative Law in Utah

Representing clients before a variety of regulators

Ever since the 1940s, administrative law has been a huge component of American legal practice. Because it lacks the drama of the courtroom, it is often overlooked. But make no mistake, important issues are decided in administrative proceedings every day. The Salt Lake City administrative lawyers of Hanks & Peterson, P.C. understand the special requirements of administrative practice. We represent clients throughout the state in a variety of administrative proceedings:

  • Zoning and land use
  • Public lands litigation
  • IBLA appeals
  • FLPMA/NFMA proceedings
  • Environmental proceedings
  • Licensing boards
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Rulemaking proceedings
  • Commercial regulation hearings
  • Safety regulation hearings
  • Water rights hearings
  • Civil rights proceedings

The importance of administrative law

Any businessperson knows the huge role that administrative bodies — local, state and federal —play in nearly every aspect of his or her business. Commerce has become more complex and interconnected. There is a greater need for resources and land — and a greater demand by consumers for protection and accountability from manufacturers, employers and utilities.

Administrative bodies are the silent machines that keep this complex scheme in place. But each of these administrative bodies has its own unique procedures and regulations. It takes an experienced Utah lawyer to help clients navigate these procedures and both avoid and resolve compliance issues.

As Utah administrative and regulatory lawyers, we understand the huge role that administrative agencies, boards and regulations play in your life and business. That is why we garnered substantial experience practicing before a variety of these agencies. We use our skills and experience to help you efficiently navigate the maze of administrative procedure so that you may maintain compliance and accomplish your business goals.

Trustworthy, tenacious and respected Utah administrative lawyers

If you need a Salt Lake City administrative and regulatory lawyer or representation in any other legal matter, the attorneys of Hanks & Peterson, P.C. are here to help. We apply tenacity, judgment and high ethical standards to every area of our practice. If you are going through a legal dispute in your personal or business life or if you need legal counsel for an upcoming transaction or venture, Hanks & Peterson, P.C. offers an effective alternative to impersonal and expensive big firms. Call us today at 1-855-888-5608 or contact us online.


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Working with the Hanks and Peterson firm was very satisfying. We were able to get good works accomplished. I was very happy with the final result. - A.G.

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